A break in the rain

Today, with the rain holding off for a few hours, we decided to take our bikes out and have a look at how full the waterfalls are after a couple of days of heavy showers.  Although a bit cool, the weather was great for cycling up hills towards Betws-Y-Coed.  First stop was the Grey Mare’s Tail, which had a fair bit more water in than the last time we saw it:

                           The woods along the path up to the falls were full of bluebells, which I think will be even better in a week, so I must go back and take more photos then.

We cycled on to Betws-Y-Coed, using the B road which runs alongside the Afon Conwy.  This is a very popular cycle route and there are wildflowers studding the roadsides all the way.  Passing the confluence of the Llugwy and the Conwy, the road meets the A5 just the other side of one of the most famous of Betws attractions: Pont-Y-Pair.  This is an old bridge across the Llugwy where there are some lovely waterfalls and the bridge is always lined with people gazing at the boiling waters.

  Under the bridge, we spotted a dipper’s nest, but when I tried to photograph the bird, it flew off downstream.  I’ll try again another time. After a short rest, we set off home to Trefriw.  It’s a round trip of about 9 miles and the first time this year for me, so I was a bit shaky when we got home!


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